Second Congregational Church of Derby CT

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Please Note: These are only recommendations; the church has little to no affiliation with the following

Food Banks
203-225-0453    Spooner House, Shelton CT
203-734-7511    St. Vincint DePaul, Derby CT
203-736-0707    Salvation Army, Ansonia CT
203-888-7826    Seymour / Oxford
203-734-2715    Christ Church, Ansonia
203-736-5420    Team, Derby    Operation Fuel, Job Training
888-321-5880    Assurance Wireless    Service is said to be spotty in the Naugatuck Valley
203-736-2601    BH Care, Ansonia CT    Domestic violence, Social Services 
211    United Way
855-626-6632    Huskey CT      For Children 
800-633-4227    Medicade    For Adults 
Energize CT Home owners - save money on utility bills

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